From the young age of 7 years old, Sarah Millimet always had a passion for singing and performing. It was at 8 years old that her parents, Mary and Erwin Millimet, decided to enroll her in vocal lessons at The Community Music School of Springfield, a local music conservatory in Springfield, Massachusetts. It is there that Sarah began to study voice and took the stage for her first live performance at the annual recital to perform “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again” by Dionne Warwick. It was from that moment that Sarah says she was “ made to perform, and nothing else felt better than getting up in front of people to sing her heart out.”

After studying voice at The Community Music School for 5 years, Sarah attended the “Dan Kane Singers” Summer Enrichment Camp lead by local music promoter Dan Kane. After attending the enrichment camp for a few summers, Sarah became a counselor and worked to teach music to the campers. It was also that summer that Sarah was accepted into the regional singing group “The Dan Kane Singers,” a local singing group made up of about 150 singers who perform around Massachusetts. Sarah was a featured soloist in the “Dan Kane Junior Singers” for a few events in the summer of 2007. After working under the direction of Dan Kane, Sarah began work on her first album “Lean on Me” which was released in July of 2007 at The Marriot Grand Ballroom in Springfield, Massachusetts. This album covered many classics from the 60’s and 70’s and featured other local talent including Noah Lis, Traci Mnich, Meghann Fahy, and Laura Gray.

After recording “Lean on Me,” Sarah was introduced to Janet Ryan, a local blues singer and music teacher at The Community Music School of Springfield as well as Deerfield Elementary School of Deerfield, Massachusetts and Conway Elementary School of Conway, Massachusetts. Since July 2007, Sarah has been under the musical direction of Janet Ryan, working diligently on vocal training and artist development. Sarah attributes the artist she is today to the direction given to her by Janet Ryan. “Janet took me under her wing as a young girl who could sing and shaped me into an artist, that’s the best gift anybody ever could have given me” – Sarah.

After a few years of intense vocal training and development, Sarah decided to hit the studio to record her second album, “Sarah Rose” which was released in January of 2011. This album featured many songs that Sarah performs in her set at regular gigs such as “Traveling Soldier”, “Walking in Memphis”, and also features two original songs written by Janet Ryan titled “He Don’t Know He’s in Love” and “Crazy Heart.” This album was produced by Janet Ryan and Seth Glier , a MPRESS Records recording artist from Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. Sarah released this CD in front of 200 well-wishers with a concert at Chez Josef in Agawam, Massachusetts on January 22nd, 2011.

Making guest appearances with Janet Ryan’s Band Janet Ryan and Straight UP! on weekend gigs, Sarah started to become a recognized artist in the local Western Massachusetts music scene. Focusing on her senior year at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts where she is studying legal studies, Sarah would perform locally on the weekends , singing the national anthem at the athletic home games for her college, Springfield College. Sarah kept working hard, wanting to constantly better herself as an artist and musician, and believing that hard work would help her break into the music business.

In June of 2013, Sarah was approached by the president of CSP Records, Jimmy Rogers. After hearing “He Don’t Know He’s in Love” and “Crazy Heart” off her 2011 album “Sarah Rose,” Jimmy Rogers decided to come to Massachusetts to meet with Sarah, and ultimately ended up signing her to CSP Records. In June 2013, Sarah Millimet entered the studio to begin work on her first album on CSP Records, a Christmas album, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”. This album was produced by Janet Ryan, and recorded at Tone Zone 2 in Springfield, Massachusetts under the engineering specialty of Ray Chaput. This album is scheduled to be released on December 7th, 2013.

Sarah currently resides in Longmeadow, Massachusetts with her loving and supportive family and studies at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts.